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     I've been a fine art/conceptual, portrait, fashion and glamour photographer for 33 years, exploring the DSLR multimedia age as a digital artist, defining my vision within surrealism, grandly-scaled primary colors within dreamlike settings....  I show that people are beautiful through my eyes.

     So - who am I really?  Today, at the ripe young age of 56, I'm a photographer and a writer and an artist - committed to derailing America's freight-train decline into a cultural Dark Ages.


My ‘soul word’ is Freedom - freedom to create, to imagine beyond my conscious mind. Freedom from ridicule. Freedom to express, to explore, to expand my belief in all of us. There is no difference between reality and fantasy except the brick walls we have erected between today and stretching back to our childhoods (remember when you were four, and holding a flower up to the sun turned it into a magical spaceship?)
— me